Should I Upgrade to Windows 10?

Should I Upgrade to Windows 10? Having been a tech since 1996, I can tell you with confidence that upgrading the Windows operating system right after release should not be taken lightly. Windows 10 already has issues with certain software and printers, etc., that need to be addressed before upgrading. As with any upgrade, one […]

Windows 8.1 update: Should I or shouldn’t I upgrade?:

Windows 8.1 update: Should I or shouldn’t I upgrade?: My personal opinion is no. 8.1 takes some functionality away from Windows 8 and actually breaks some functionality of other software, like Microsoft’s language pack for Office among others. Furthermore, upgrading to 8.1 does Not put a windows 7 style start menu back and their “start […]

Microsoft Support Never Calls You

Microsoft Support Never Calls You to Support their Products If you get a call from someone with a familiar Microsoft support team accent (sounds like Apu from The Simpsons) or anyone with any accent (or not) claiming to be Microsoft Windows support, do NOT believe them and end the call. Some of these imposters will […]

Beware of the cryptolocker trojan

WARNING to all PC users. Beware of the  new CryptoLocker ransomeware trojan: CrytoLocker is a relatively new ransom-ware Trojan out there and it is the most damaging ransom-ware to date. CryptoLocker infects Windows-based PCs by clicking on an email attachment in the form of a compressed .zip file. The message poses as, among other things, […]

Laptops on Beds

Laptops On Beds, Not A Safe Combination. Laptops on beds Putting laptops on beds may not be necessarily a bad thing if you have a bed tray with a hard surface and you don’t put it near the edge of the mattress where it can potentially fall to the floor. Keep in mind,  when laptops […]

Won’t get fooled again by spyware

Don’t get fooled by spyware again. Spyware programs go by many names and some pose as official looking applications. If your PC does get infected by spyware, you can usually tell if they are fake. Here’s how: One I ran across one recently is called Win 7 Antispyware 2012 (Flag! Notice it says Win 7 […]

Shopping for a new computer? Things to consider.

Shopping for a new computer? Things to consider. First of all, a new computer is an exciting prospect and especially if the old computer is now obsolete, problematic and generally does all kinds of things to fill your head with “colorful metaphors” (curse words). Now, this blog entry is by no means meant to discourage […]

Seven Tips For Keeping Your Computer Safe

Seven free (sequential) tips for keeping your computer safe: Having had to remove some pretty wicked malware from both business and home computers only to find out the Internet Security software and/or Windows updates were not current, led me to share this important blog entry. Keeping your PC safe actually makes my job much easier […]