Laptops on Beds

Laptops On Beds, Not A Safe Combination.

Laptops on beds

Putting laptops on beds may not be necessarily a bad thing if you have a bed tray with a hard surface and you don’t put it near the edge of the mattress where it can potentially fall to the floor. Keep in mind,  when laptops are used on a bed, you have two things that can go seriously wrong. The first is that it can overheat when it is on a soft surface and that fluffy mattress or your legs may block the air circulation vents. The second danger is the aforementioned falling and when your house has hard wood or even harder laminate flooring, the impact may be too much for the fragile parts in the hard disk or other components to handle. I have seen hard disks damaged by a fall. Some were repairable enough to get the data off and others were too severely damaged and could not be recognized as a drive. Having good disk imaging software, like Acronis True Image Home make it possible to fully recover the operating system, apps, data and settings to a new replacement hard disk. Chances are though, if your laptop falls to the floor, more than just the hard disk has the potential of being damaged so why take the risk?

By Phil See



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