Client Testimonials

Saturn Client Testimonials :

Business Clients:

What a fantastic experience I had having Phil bring my ancient computer set up into the modern world!
He went above and beyond the call of duty … He debugged my computers, set up a bulletproof exterior hard drive, located and set up a new to me HP laptop (he even went to RePC to pick it up for me), found, purchased and set up a new router, then networked the whole system.   Best of all, he didn’t give me any grief about the over zealous clicking and do-it-myselfing that caused the mess in the first place!  And all for an incredibly fair price.  My hero!
I heartily recommend Saturn Tech and would call on Phil again in a heartbeat.   Thanks so much, Phil!
Honey! I’m Home! Catering 1/20/2014


We are a small, independent photographic lab that has come to rely on Phil’s professionalism & expertise to keep us up and running. From day one, he has provided fast response to our service calls and he listens to our needs and understands our business profile.
Phil went way beyond his general services when he researched and found a specific piece of equipment that is no longer manufactured and was then able to install it and make it work seamlessly with our existing system.
When our equipment manufacturer’s technician told us we needed to replace a costly motherboard in a critical print order kiosk, we decided to call Phil for a second opinion. He was able to troubleshoot and diagnose the actual problem, a corrupt Windows registry file. He replaced the file and retrieved our outstanding orders from the kiosk and within an hour, our customers were placing orders on it again.
Because Phil recommended and set up an automatic backup system, antivirus & internet protection as well as updated and optimized an older computer system, we are able to focus on excellent customer service, efficient workflow and daily production.
We highly recommend Phil and Saturn Tech Consulting to any business or residence in need of computer installation, maintenance or repair.
Capitol Hill Photo – Seattle  9/26/2011
(206) 324-6110


We own a design studio in Ballard and we had some major computer issues so we scoured blogs and found Phil See’s name coming up repeatedly. We called him and he has been amazing – completely trustworthy and knowledgeable. He went above and beyond to fix the issues we had and we would not hesitate to call him again. 5 stars.
Stefan Hoffman – Seattle 8/5/2011


Phil is a great person and I have personally known him for years.  I was having enormous problems with my computers at work and with Dell customer service, which was not at all effective in fixing and removing the viruses or rebooting my system-In total; I spent 10-15 hours with several Dell reps. with no resolve and no follow up from Dell, even after speaking to the managers in different areas.  No one at Dell really cared except to get my credit card number and then to not fix my computer.  I then saw Phil and told him my problems and he set up a meeting the next day to review the computers.  He had the viruses cleaned out, virus protection in place and replaced my driver files literally within hours of consultation and completion with my computer and also then worked on the other computers to clean out viruses and put protection in place.  . The computers were originally put in by a company tech who did not install correctly, and Phil was brilliant in replacing and fixing what had not been installed correctly. It’s been a couple of months since Phil has been to the office and the computers are all running like clockwork.  Phil also called back several times just to make sure all was running well; customer service was above and beyond expectation.
Teresa P.  – Seattle  9/22/2011


Phil See is the only computer tech that our two businesses use, as well as personal work.  He is meticulous in his work and very knowledgeable as he fixed a problem that a previous tech could not.  I trust him in our home as that is where one of our businesses is located, and he does travel to us, as well as works on-line with any problem I may have.  He is friendly and easy to talk to over the phone as well as in person.  I would highly recommend him for any tech service you may need.
Debra P.Redmond   8/10/2011


Residential Clients:

I highly recommend Phil for solving your computer repair problems. He has had many years of experience and knows computers well. He has restored my computer to better than new condition in just one short visit to my home. I am extremely pleased to have found such a professional, trustworthy, and proficient consultant. I liked the convenience of in home service and the cost was exceptionally reasonable. He charged for only one hour when he was actually here for 4 hours. He does not charge for ‘wait time’. He also gives a senior citizen discount. I will call Phil again when I need service. I am very pleased with his work.
Ann H. Seattle 9/8/2014


Everyone needs a superhero and today YOU were mine!!! Thank you so much..from the bottom of my heart. I will continue to use your company and recommend you to all my friends. So nice to have my computer back and safer than ever!! Thanks PHIL !!
Tammie W. 5/13/2014


Phil is a caring and sensitive computer geek. He will patiently fix and teach you how to use your device.
Leslie O. – Seattle 10/22/2013


After hearing numerous horror stories from friends who had gone to geek squad or other big computer repair places, I was hesitant to entrust anyone with my computer and the data stored on it. However, when my work/school laptop took a dive in the middle of my busiest week, I had no other options. I went to Saturn Tech Consulting based on good reviews I read on other sites and this one. Phil (the business owner) runs the company from his home in Ballard. He was able to save the data from my broken laptop hard drive and restore it onto a new drive which he installed. My computer was as good as new and ready for me to pickup on the third day. I’ve read that other places routinely take weeks, and if you need anything sooner they charge a big rush fee. This is not the case with Phil. My bill was less than I was expecting and my computer was returned to me sooner than expected. My experience was so positive that I had him repair a second broken laptop that I had written off as a lost cause.
Noah L. – Olympia, 06/10/2013


I found Saturn Tech Consulting LLC last Monday after attempting to clean-install the operating system to my computer. BIG MISTAKE!
I searched for a local computer repair company and after sifting through several sites I found Saturn Tech Consulting. Then I checked reviews on Yelp and found very positive ones. So I sent a message via the contact page on his site. He called me and fixed an appointment for that afternoon. He worked very patiently, make that Incredibly Patiently, as he systematically searched for potential problems and corrected them. After discovering some unique and rare problems that I had caused by applying my own ‘fixes’ he succeeded in restoring the computer to working order. He graciously applied his ‘first-time customer’ discount despite working for a number of hours. In fact he contacted me that evening or the next day to ask if everything was working correctly. I told him I had run into another problem that had cropped-up. He returned and fixed that as well. I cannot say enough good things about Phil See – his technical skills, patience and persistence are amazing. And his generosity in applying the ‘first time customer’ discount despite working for so many hours was very much appreciated.
Sincerely, VT – Seattle 05/17/2013


Phil is simply wonderful.
After reading what my neighbors said, that they were impressed with Phil at Saturn Tech, I decided to call. Word of mouth is everything.
He was courteous, professional and punctual. He provided some piano and guitar entertainment while our system scanned. He’s smart and interesting and more than all this, fixed our issues plus. And he comes to you? He’s worth every penny.
I highly recommend Phil at Saturn Tech Consulting LLC.
Melinda H. – Seattle 01/23/2013


PHIL SEE IS MY HERO. Last week my laptop hard drive crashed to the point where I couldn’t even run it in safe mode. I hadn’t backed up anything in a very long time, so when Phil came over and was able to fix it, I was incredibly relieved.
And then, the very next night, my external hard drive crashed and my laptop stopped recognizing it altogether (just moments before I was about to run a long-overdue backup)! A quick search for some insight online was discouraging, as I learned that many folks who had the same external hard drive had experienced the same problem, resulting in their having to kiss all of their data goodbye. That drive held 15 years of personal digital assets, so I was devastated. But once again, Phil saved the day — and all of my stuff! He was able to not only recover my data, but he also set me up with a much better and more stable backup system so that this wouldn’t happen again.
Phil is a gold mine of information and expertise. He is smart, skillful, thorough, and just as nice as can be. You won’t find better pricing anywhere else; he does not charge for the time he spends waiting for processes to run. I am so thankful for his help and cannot recommend him enough.
Kelly T. Seattle 9/12/2012


Phil is great. Even though I consider myself pretty technical, I had Phil come over today to fix my computer as it wasn’t starting up and also tune it up. He came over within an hour, was very professional, fixed up my computer and charged for only the time he actually worked on my computer vs. the time he spent waiting for programs to install and his troubleshooting. Very reasonable pricing and I would recommend him to anyone that needs either a quick tune up or a full repair.
Bob B. – Seattle 7/12/2012


Since I have no idea what I’m doing computerwise I decided to fix something in mine. With no advice. All by myself. It was cool. I went into places like control panel, clicked a lot of keys, went here and there, clicked more keys then shut it down so that all my changes would apply. When I brought it back up it asked for a password. I never had a password. I now had no way to get into my computer. What a boob.
I remembered seeing this post recently so found it and called Phil. I don’t think I made a lot of sense on the phone “I never had a password, now it wants a …. I don’t know, I clicked a bunch of stuff…etc” He was there within the hour. He is honest, very generous with his time (doesn’t charge for what he called “non working time” which he really should since he has to be there waiting for something to finish scanning etc.) and he is pleasant and professional. He saved me money by trying some things that would probably fix my fan before I invested in the “big fix”. He fixed all the stuff I broke while I was trying to fix stuff then fixed the stuff I was trying to fix when I broke it. Oh, and other stuff too that had been irritating me, then did a tune up on both of my laptops, found a virus and got rid of it. All for a very reasonable price! Very reasonable.
He is right here in Ballard, will put up with an annoying dog and a cat that keeps jumping in his lap. Hire him!
Meg P. Seattle 7/9/2012


Phil came out today to fix my son’s computer who had brought his desktop in a suitcase! Phil had it up and running in less than an hour, was very professional, and cost way less than others out there. I would use him again!
Sally W. – Seattle 7/2/2012


A knowledgeable, professional technical consultant who fixed problems with my computer and spent considerable time to help me understand issues and how to fix them on my own. He cares about his clients and is quick to respond to phone calls. Phil is a personable and reliable person. His hourly rates are low; his workmanship excellent!
Barbara in Ballard – Seattle 3/19/2012


I was part of the recent lay-off for winter in the construction business and as I didn’t own a computer, my very good neighbor and computer guru, came over with a laptop and all the hardware for me to check job listings and send out my resume. I was able to use his own system for almost two months until I signed on to Comcast and their telephone & computer service.
When Comcast sent me the router and other unknown parts to me, it might as well have been in “Greek” as I had no idea how to install.  Again, my very knowledgeable neighbor,  Phil, came to my rescue and installed the things and showed me all the new goodies now available for my use. With friends and neighbors like Susan and Phil of Saturn Tech Consulting, I have been very fortunate and lucky to have such good resources right next door to me.

Janet Cole – Seattle 10/01/2011


I very much recommend Phil. He came over and spent a lot of time on my laptop (but charged for a fraction) and even took it home overnight to finish up. And, when he returned it the next day, it was clean — inside and out.
As a bonus, he has a sense of humor!
Phil has my business and I would recommend him to anyone I knew.
L.D. – Seattle 9/7/2011


I highly recommend Saturn Tech Consulting LLC.  Due to a buildup of dust on the fan that prevented the blades from turning, my desktop computer overheated.  As a result, multiple parts were literally fried and it would not power up at all.  I panicked, worried about losing data and precious pc time.  I contacted Phil See at Saturn Tech Consulting and he made an on-site service call.  Even though my pc would not power up, Phil was still able to run diagnostic tests and determined what the problems were. He replaced the bad parts without any loss of data, updated my virus protection and firewall and gave my pc a thorough cleaning.  I was absolutely thrilled with the results!
In addition, I had Phil repair my laptop which had also quit working around the same time.  Both my pc and laptop are now in perfect working condition. Now that I am a regular customer of Saturn Tech Consulting LLC, I am no longer going to worry.  When I need help, all I have to do is pick up the phone and call Phil.  Phil See is extremely knowledgeable and tech savvy. When I am ready to purchase new computer equipment, I plan to use his expertise in the selection process.
Esther A.Mountlake Terrace 3/27/2011
I had not been able to watch streaming movies and learned from Netflix that the problem was my laptop.  Thanks to Yelp, I found Phil at Saturn Tech who is in the neighborhood.  He came to my house within a half hour of my call and quickly determined the problem.  He also took care of updates I had neglected to do and made recommendations to give me a quicker connection.
As a first time customer, I also got a discount on the bill.  Not bad.
Barbara C.Seattle 6/14/2011


Phil was very friendly when I called and talked to him and seemed genuinely interested in helping me troubleshoot my problem.  He took my laptop in 30 minutes after I called and started working.  He billed me for an hour of work while he had it in his possession for over four hours.  True, he only worked on it for an hour, but other, less scrupulous people might have been tempted to bill more time than that.
Phil helped determine what the issue was and actually tried to not bill me at all, because the issue was an incompatibility issue (that I should have probably already had known).  He’s an honest guy and I wouldn’t hesitate calling him again.
John T.Seattle 7/20/2011


I highly recommend Saturn consulting.  I have an older IBM laptop that I like, but was starting to get a little slow. Before running out and getting a new machine, I decided to see what could be done to give the old IBM a little kick in the pants. All in one day, Phil assessed what was slowing down my machine, got  RAM for it (hard to do since the machine is a bit older), installed the RAM, helped me clean out other programs and files that were slowing down the machine, ran a complete virus scan, installed anti-virus software, and even cleaned the keyboard and screen.
I also second the comment in Esther’s review — I will definitely talk to Phil before buying any new hardware or software.  He knows his stuff and provides honest and straight-forward information and recommendations.
Five stars for Saturn Consulting and Phil.
Sarah S. – Seattle 5/9/2011

Many thanks to my clients for their wonderful testimonials!