Beware of the cryptolocker trojan

WARNING to all PC users. Beware of the  new CryptoLocker ransomeware trojan:

CrytoLocker is a relatively new ransom-ware Trojan out there and it is the most damaging ransom-ware to date. CryptoLocker infects Windows-based PCs by clicking on an email attachment in the form of a compressed .zip file. The message poses as, among other things, a Fedex or UPS tracking notice. CryptoLocker encrypts all your personal files and demands $300.US to make them readable again and it gives you a time limit to comply. If you don’t comply with in the specified period, there’s no way to ever access your files again. If you receive an email message with a .zip or .exe file, first of all,  forward it to,  delete the message and then empty your deleted items folder. DO NOT OPEN THE ATTACHMENT. In fact, do not open any email attachments that contains .ZIP or .EXE (executable file) files from any sender you don’t know, even if they have legitimate-looking names like FedEx and UPS.

A couple of other things you can do to avoid infection:

1. Make sure your PCs security is up to date by letting Microsoft do its updates for Windows XP, Vista, 7, and 8. If you are not sure whether your PCs security updates are current, run Windows/Microsoft Update and let it install the updates because one of these updates is Microsoft’s Malicious Software Removal Tool, or MRT.EXE .

2. Make sure your antivirus application is up to date. I highly recommend Webroot SecureAnywhere Antivirus 2013. I’ve been treating PCs infected with malware/viri since 1996 and when it comes to what works and what doesn’t, there is no such thing as subjective. Webroot has the highest detection rate at 99.9%, faster scans, has a built-in personal firewall, will not conflict with other antivirus software running on your PC, only costs around $40, and is less invasive than nearly all of its competitors. It is available at or you can buy the CD (recommended) at Office Max/Office Depot, etc.

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